Fear and Pressing in Central Texas

I’m off to a business trip tomorrow and wanted to treat myself to dry cleaning and pre-ironed shirts every morning while away, so I took my load on Tuesday to my local dry cleaner. I dumped the pile of shirts and pants on the counter.The attendant looked at the pile, then mournfully at me. “Sir,” […]

A Joke…

Q: What do you get when you hire a right-wing commentator and a reporter to the White House?A: A Common Porter. Someone to shoulder the burden of “Message of the Day” for a debased chief executive.

ERCOT’s Fair Weather Operations Center

For those of us needing to keep large infrastructures up, but not in the Homeland Security fold, utility web pages of agencies (e.g., water, power, dams, and transportation) are great ways to know what’s happening.Today ERCOT lost balance of its grid. Odd how just a few hundred thousand kilowatts of demand can do that. Grids […]

Celebrating Freedom, Remembering the Enslaved

On this Pesach holiday, let’s remember:Holocaust survivors freed from slave laborFreedom for women and African-AmericansLiberation of gays, lesbians and transexuals from the shackles of shameStill enslaved and yearning for freedom:The poor and disadvantaged in Israel and abroadHumans suffering under the chains of despotic slaveryPeaceful Palestinians and Iraqis chafing with the desire to live their lives […]

The Sins of the Fathers

Haredi Jerusalem is aboil over a teenaged father being charged and jailed for admitting killing his infant son, threatening violence in the streets of Jerusalem.Passover did not spare the Jewish babe killed during the month of Nissan. The Tenth Plague has hit, both the three-month old baby and the nineteen year old father. But the […]

Intel using Apple as a Whip for PC Manufacturers?

I had two interesting conversations this past week. One was with some Intel mid-range folks, who were pushing really hard for my organization to embrace the new Intel Macs. We’re currently freezing all Apple purchases, because some of our key software doesn’t work on the new platforms (and, no, it’s not a ‘Mac Classic mode’ […]

Democracy & the Middle East

In my last post I went over the vote count. In that analysis, Kadima had a 61-seat majority among its solid allies: Labor, Meretz and the Pensioners’ Party. That majority, with the decision today to move one seat from Labor to Ram-Ta’al, one of the Arab parties, reinforces my comments regarding the demographic shift. It […]

Kyoto Meets Komen

I can’t run the only organization that has this problem. On one hand, our plant management folks are talking about the millions of dollars we can save each year in deploying power management software on our computers. With over one hundred sites, all those humming computers between 5PM and 8AM, a lot of heat is […]

Progress at the Speed of Demographics

The 17th Knesset elections are over, and unless something drastic occurs, Kadima, with its kleptocratic leadership and legacy agenda from Ariel Sharon, will form the next government. The election results were Sharon’s last vote of public confidence, especially in light of the Hamas sweep on the West Bank and Gaza. Were it not for the […]