Bass-o-matic Pate

Backstory I did not set out to recreate one of Saturday Night Live’s fast-food recipes when my assistant handed me a styrofoam box. “My husband is still looking around the freezer for that soup you made,” she said. “And then he asks whether you’ve made any more lately.” If any readers want to try to […]

A Plea for Filibuster

Last week I found a bumper sticker for my car. “The last time we mixed politics and religion,” it said, “people were burned at the stake.”Yes, I bought it. No, I don’t think we’re near there — yet. But I am scared (a serious step up from worried) that President Bush and the religious right […]

Ooh, This One Might Have Spine!

Olmert is finally in the driver’s seat, it seems. By stepping up to the plate and making a stand against the silent, 380 kilogram gorilla of tacit government leniency on settler violence, he is making a winner-take-all move in a political arena where days, not months, decide the fate of the new party he now […]

Undermining Democracy, One Comment at a Time

Slanted writing takes many forms. CNN, in describing a simple procedure on Israel’s Prime Minister and its effect on the running of Israel, writes: “Since Sharon’s hospitalization, his powers as prime minister have been transferred to his long-time loyalist and former Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert.”If we were to translate this to the American President, the […]

Attack of the Abrahams

The Hebron zealots, using a tactic that “worked” in other sites, is sending their Issacs — their underaged children — out to do the work they dare not do for fear of being arrested. So 15-17 year old boys and girls (and I use that nomenclature because they are clearly not thinking like adults) to […]

A Barren Pause

Sharon will not return. The collectedly held breath has slowly exhaled, and Israel, and the world, as done all the mourning necessary until Sharon has departed this mortal coil.Signs of return to “normalcy” in Israel begin with how the incapacitated Prime Minister is being treated. The government’s attorney general is declaring Ehud Olmert as a […]

Gentle cyber-bullying or market slanting?

Microsoft is continuing its misguided methods to achieve market dominance, this time in the web information zone. MS/NBC. Note the precedence of acronyms.I’m a free-wheeler when it comes to software tools: Microsoft has great tools, usually with fairly logical interfaces. I’m sensitive to CUIs (Cheesy User Interfaces), so if the tool is cack-handed to use, […]

Talk is cheap; as is the speaker

Robertson has an admirable record of stuffing his foot so deep in his mouth he needs a proctologist to remove it. This latest bleating from the man who believes the kind thing to do is convert all those silly Jews to save them from Hell is unsurprising.What will be equally unsurprising to me is if […]

Open Mayonnaise Sandwich

If Ariel Sharon was the crusty, stiff toast, Olmert is the oily mayo of Israeli politics. Unlike all his predecessors in the seat of power, his claim to fame in Israel lies in being placed in Israel’s Knesset, a list-based, representative parliment, at the tender age of 28 in 1973. Too young to have street […]

Ticking Bomb

At this writing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lies on the cusp of life and death, both literally as well as politically.Frankly, as someone who lost a father to a brain aneurysm, I know how this can impact the power, personality and abilities of a person. For the leader of a country, it’s safe to […]